Name: Shelley Hines

Business Name: Wellness Shines

Years in Business: 19

WBOA Member Since:

What product or service does your business provide?
All of my work is related to Healing;
Whether I’m Singing Professionally & lifting peoples spirits with my musical duo “2TheMoon”, or acting as a Holistic Practitioner sharing Hands-On Japanese Bodywork, Psych-K (Brain Re-patterning), doing Ear Coning, Long Distance Telephone Healing, or Teaching Stress Reduction and Self Care Classes, I love to change things up for the better!

What makes your business stand out from your competitors?
I consider myself a bit of a smorgasbord 😉 so this makes me quite adaptable.
My Healing work is based solely around the individual clients needs and I do kinesiology (muscle testing), to discover which of my tools will best serve them. The Telephone Work I do (Tong Ren, Reiki & Nutritional Support) helps people around the world, Heal from the comfort of their home.
As a Musician, my Duo Lifts UP the Communal Feminine Energy, by Playing the Music written By, For and About Women<3
– There are many different offerings with my work and I love the shifting and changing of it.

Who is your perfect customer?
My perfect customer is someone who is looking to Feel Better and Enjoy Life to it’s Fullest!
– Through Healing Work, Prevention Health Care, Mind/Body Education & Ancient Healing Techniques.
– My Musical Performances require bookings and we Enjoy Playing Music for folks in Positive Settings, like Celebrations, Events, Restaurants, Fundraisers and concerts. Please let us know if there’s somewhere you love to hear music, or someone you love, in need of Great Music.

When people feel Healthy & Happy for periods of time, it attracts more of that same frequency.
My Desire is to Make a Difference on this Planet, with those that are up for the change!

What is the most rewarding part of having your own business?
It’s an honor to shift energy with others. To work with people in need and to be able to give them freedom from resistance and pain, is a Gift! Bringing More Joy and Light to the Lives of Others, makes me feel Very Full and Happy!!!

What is the biggest challenge?
I live up in the woods of Wendell, MA so my Hands On work is far for folks from the Valley. But the good news is that I can travel to them and do Long Distance Healing, which is a Very Powerful Modality.

Tell us something surprising about your business:
Over the many years of being a Hands On Healer, I have incorporated different modalities, such as crystals and stones, energy healing, a tibetan singing bowl and my own Singing voice, into my Treatments. I’ve been known to tone and chant, while working with clients and it has an Amazing Calming/Healing Effect. I also do Ear Coning, which is a natural way to cleanse and heal our ears and sinuses. It’s so relaxing, most folks fall asleep.

Do you have any exciting events in the works?
Nothing right now, but I’m working on them 🙂

What is one thing WBOA members can do to help your business thrive?
Please reach out to me for help with your health and also please help me to get the word out for my musical duo
“2The Moon”, we are looking for referrals right now. Peace & Blessings, Shelley

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