Megan Joy
Name: Megan Joy

Business Name: Mary Kay

Years in Business: 8

WBOA Member Since: 2015

What product or service does your business provide?
I’m blessed to represent a globally recognized company, Mary Kay, that has been in business since 1963. We are a family owned company and represented in over 38 countries worldwide! Mary Kay has always specialized in and produced exclusively skin care and color cosmetics. When we focus our attention on those specific products, they continue to get better and better with innovation so we can constantly offer the best products to serve the needs of our customers.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors?
We are one of the only “teaching” Direct Selling companies, set exclusively in the home with our customers, one-on-one. We believe that this approach takes away from the “sales” mentality and it allows our customers to try our products in a relaxed environment (their own home!!). EVERYONE has the right and privilege to try our Mary Kay products at a FREE pampering appointment. We customize ALL products so it is the most profound and amazing experience for their skin care needs. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the life of our products-no questions asked! Our customers learn about amazing skin care tips and make-up application techniques at these appointments.

Who is your perfect customer?
My specialty is skin care so I love to sit down with women who may have skin care questions or specific concerns. Some common concerns are: dark under-eye circles or puffiness, deep wrinkles or fine lines, uneven skin tone, acne, or excessive dryness/oilness, to name a few. You will be able to try all the products suitable for your skin!
“Sensitive skin” women~ Fear not!! Mary Kay carries numerous products which are “suitable for sensitive skin”, a claim that is substantiated by clinical tests which showed that our products are suitable for sensitive skin.
I also enjoy teaching about various make-up application tips and trends.

What is the most rewarding part of having your own business?
I find this business the most rewarding when I meet new people!! Prior to beginning my Mary Kay business, I suffered from social anxiety! Most people who are shy or have similar limiting beliefs, would change it if they could (ie: they don’t WANT to be shy!). Mary Kay was the only way for me to find my true self and use my God-given talents so I could share them with everyone I meet. I find it truly rewarding when I get to sit with a new face and watch them transform before my eyes, from a tight rose bud- all closed up and shy, to blossoming into a gorgeous rose in full bloom when we are done with her appointment. Her spirit is lifted and in turn, mine is lifted too! NOT because she has make-up on, but because she spent the time for herself and learned how to take care of her skin and herself.

What is the biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is being able to show people my heart and have them hear me before I’m dismissed or judged because of what I do, or because someone has once had a bad experience with our company, products, or something similar. I am not a “go after it” kinda gal. I often let others come to me-it’s just my nature.
I am an Independent Sales Director and a business women, separate from all the others. We all hold our own businesses and treat them differently because of our circumstances. I promise, if given the opportunity, I will change your mind about what you think you know about Mary Kay, and we WILL have a good time together-exploring all the skin care and cosmetics possibilities you wish!

Tell us something surprising about your business:
Surprise!!! I represent the Top 2% of the Top 2% in the company!!! Earning the use of my FREE Mary Kay Pink Cadillac this past October placed me in an elite group of leaders among leaders. I’m proud to drive that prestigious car to represent my girls and all the accomplishments we have achieved together!
Mary Kay is also exclusive, each business owner is Independent. We follow the Golden Rule philosophy and build our business on God first, family second, and career third. Mary Kay Ash always said “when you place your priorities in alignment, everything else just seems to work out.”
Lastly, Mary Kay ranks #1 for Brand Loyalty and we are known as “one of the most reputable companies in the US”.

Do you have any exciting events in the works?
Every Tuesday @ 6pm I host beauty bars and FREE pampering appointments at the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield. This is a fun way, all month long, to view and try our products ~including our newest launches! Must RSVP.
I am always actively looking to participate in any vendor events for networking opportunities and to meet new faces to pamper. I do support my local community and partner with my local businesses to offer support so both our businesses can thrive.

What is one thing WBOA members can do to help your business thrive?
I’m calling all WBOA members who have NOT sat down with me (I think that’s most of you 🙂 ) to give it a try!
Reach out to me TODAY, you have nothing to loose! Except some wrinkles 😉
*NOTE* Mary Kay is an integrity-based company. We DO NOT take anyone else’s clients. If you currently have and are actively working with a Mary Kay rep, I would turn you back to her. It’s our Golden Rule policy.
If you know anyone who would enjoy a free pampering session and would like to hand out my contact number and/or website, please do. However, I always wish to sit down with new faces so they can get the specialized treatment and be able to try all our products before thinking about purchasing something.
It’s always about meeting new faces and letting everyone try our products for free!

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