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Since its inception in the Fall of 2015, the WINGS Mentor Program has partnered each semester with Springfield Technical Community College to mentor students interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Meaningful Meetings with Powerful Impacts

Each meeting consists of introductions from everyone, a speaker discussing a topic that is selected by our mentees, and one-on-one time with each mentor/mentee. We also highly recommend that each mentor/mentee team stay connected between our meetings, as well as participate in activities outside of our meetings that could support the needs of the mentee.

Being a Mentor in the WINGS mentorship program has helped me to realize how fulfilling it is to teach others various tips, tools, and tricks surrounding the life lessons I’ve gained throughout time. If I can save someone else from going through the same pain as I went through, or inspire them to reach for bigger dreams, it all makes me feel better about myself and my world in the end. To see the message reach it’s target and resonate with someone is hugely rewarding.
– Nicole Vadnais

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