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Accountability Mastermind

Grow your business with the support and accountability of WBOA members committed to success.

We're all in this together

It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting at your computer, ready to start the week.

But where to start? You probably feel overwhelmed by all the choices of things you could (or should) be doing.

And maybe you’re not sure what would be the best thing to do to bring in more income, more clients, more fulfillment.

So what do you do?

Can we make a suggestion…

Join WINGS Accountability Mastermind for these great benefits:

  • Accountability – an action plan at every meeting
  • Brainstorming – share and get creative ideas
  • Feedback – help resolving issues
  • Support – overcome overwhelm
  • Focus & Clarity – free yourself from distractions
  • Bigger Profits – plug money leaks
  • Bigger Plans – see your potential
  • Helping Others – so satisfying!
  • Connection – deep, lasting business support and friendships

Here's the Scoop

WBOA WINGS Accountability Mastermind meets weekly at a time and location set by the participants.

At each meeting, you’ll get to check in, share your accomplishments, share your challenges, get feedback, and set a goal for the week.

You can keep in touch between meetings with a closed Facebook group just for your cohort.

WBOA WINGS Mastermind is open to WBOA members only (not yet a member? click here to join).

The investment for the program is $300, or you can pay $50 monthly

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