Seeding Our Members’ Futures

Low-Interest Loans for Women Business Owners

When WBOA founding member, Cheryl Reed, passed away in 1991, the Cheryl Reed Memorial Loan Fund was established to honor her memory and fulfill her vision of providing financial support for women in business.

Making Cheryl Reed’s Vision a Reality

Cheryl Reed, the owner of Cheryl Reed Travel in East Longmeadow, was an enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of women-owned businesses. She envisioned an organization that could support women professionally and financially. The Cheryl Reed Memorial Loan Fund offers low-interest loans to women entrepreneurs for seed money, expansion, or other worthy business purposes. Members can apply for these low interest-rate loans by submitting a business plan and explanation of the purpose for the loan.

Raffles Support Dozens of Loans

You’ll see our Cheryl Reed Memorial Loan fund committee at meetings, with their colorful tickets and bedazzled raffle basket. Proceeds from our 50/50 raffle go directly into the loan fund.

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