Barbara Perman, Ph.D., President & CEO of Moving Mentor, Inc. will conduct a morning workshop on “Facilitating Change in Older Adults – Psychological and Practical Considerations” at Western New England University’s 35th Regional Social Work Conference.

Barbara describes her workshop this way: Change is challenging for older adults. Acknowledging that things are changing and agreeing to a plan can be particularly difficult, and this can be frustrating for facilitators. Using examples of seniors who need to move, this workshop will give you new ways to think about change and practical tools to maximize your success with senior clients.

The conference is designed for social workers and human services professionals of all experience levels, and is open to the public with registration. The conference will be held on May 24, 2017, on the WNE University campus. Registration costs $139 before May 9. For details and to sign up, visit:

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