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WBOA Morning Meeting: Self-Compassion in Hard Times, or How to Stay Resilient With Just a Moment’s Notice

May 14 @ 7:45 am - 9:00 am

A WBOA Morning Meeting is just what you need to energize your day, learn about valuable resources, and meet new friends. Meetings include time for connecting, sharing about your business, a short business tip and our featured speaker. 

WBOA is committed to safeguarding the well-being and health of our members. Due to the ongoing developments of the coronavirus COVID-19, recommendations of the CDC and local and state governments, we will conduct our April 9, 2020 meeting via ZOOM.

Topic: Self-Compassion (in Hard Times) – Or How to Stay Resilient With Just a Moment’s Notice
Speaker: Julia Mines
There’s a saying that goes, “if I spoke to others the way I speak to myself I’d have no friends.”And yet, the way we speak to ourselves, and particularly in times of stress, matters to our overall well-being, to our relationships, to our physical health, and to our productivity. 
Whether it’s an exercise program that requires sustained motivation or a tough work week that requires creative problem-solving, at the hardest parts we often crack the whip and get even harder on ourselves.
But it doesn’t make us move faster or perform better. In fact, there’s now a significant body of research that shows that being hard on ourselves has the opposite impact we want.  And that a critical inner voice actually undermines our confidence and causes us to lose energy, drive, and behave in ways that harm us: like excessively overeating, drinking too much, or not taking care of ourselves — or name your particular vice.  
So, while chocolate is delicious, better than even that in tough times, there’s…self-compassion. Just as we’d treat a dear friend or beloved family member with kindness in hard times, intentionally turning friendly feelings toward ourselves makes us more effective in all areas of work and life.
In this experiential morning meeting we’ll look at the science behind self-compassion, how to practice it to reap its many mental and physical benefits, and ways to personalize a practice. Bring a pen, paper, and your curiosity.
Julia Mines is a leadership and speaker coach who works with leaders and organizations to create positive workplaces, engaged teams, and productive contributors by improving their self-awareness and well-being.  


May 14
7:45 am - 9:00 am
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MA United States


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