WBOA Leadership is made up of our Board members and Committee chairs. Board members are elected for two-year terms, with 3 positions elected each year. Committee chairs are appointed by the board.

President/CEO – Gretchen Duhaime – ceo@wboa.org
Vice President/COO – Susan Allen – coo@wboa.org
Secretary/CCO – Maxine Bernstein – cco@wboa.org
Treasurer/CFO – Freda Brown – cfo@wboa.org
Chief Strategy Officer – Liz Provo – cso@wboa.org
Chief Programs Officer – Anita Eliason – cpo@wboa.org
Cheryl Reed Memorial Loan Fund Director – Eileen Jerome – cherylreedloanfund@wboa.org
Digital Marketing Director – Stacy Deprey – digitalmarketing@wboa.org
Director of Development – Karen Dzendolet – development@wboa.org
Director of Retreats – Freda Brown – retreats@wboa.org
Art Curator – Laraine Percoski – art@wboa.org
Directors of Education – Deb Sorcinelli, Julia Mines, Jennifer Roberge – education@wboa.org
WBOA-TV Programming Director – Susan Allen – tv@wboa.org

Are you interested in getting more involved in WBOA? Open committee chairs include:

Membership Team:
contact Susan Allen – coo@wboa.org for more info

Marketing & Communications Team:
Marketing Operations
Web Development
Email Marketing
contact Maxine Bernstein – cco@wboa.org for more info

Finance Team:
contact Freda Brown – cfo@wboa.org for more info

Events Team:
Woman of the Year
Evening Socials
contact Liz Provo – cso@wboa.org for more info

Facilities Team:
Facilities Lead
Shared Workspace
contact Liz Provo – cso@wboa.org for more info

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