Our new year begins July 1, and we are excited to announce new membership dues that now include BOTH our monthly educational events!

We will no longer charge you $95/year plus a $15-25 registration fee for attending each event. Instead, you will pay just $20/month for full membership in WBOA plus admittance to both our monthly educational programs. (Special events like Boot Camps are not included, but you will receive members-only pricing for them.)

WBOA offers a morning two-hour program on the third Thursday of each month, and a three-hour workshop in the evening (stay tuned for dates when we announce our 2018-2019 season next month). Both programs provide training in the skills and tools necessary to grow your business, and ample time for connecting with fellow women business owners.

We are making it very easy for you to switch over to monthly dues so you can take advantage of unlimited monthly programs – simply email ceo@wboa.org and you’ll be given a credit on your WBOA.org membership account for a prorated portion of your $95 annual dues. When you register for monthly dues, the credit will automatically apply every month until it runs out.

If you prefer to continue paying $95/year, you may continue on your current plan, and pay the $25 non-member rate at the door for monthly events.

Let’s run some numbers, shall we?

In a year, you will pay $240 to WBOA for your membership and our 22 regular events. If you stay with the annual dues program, that same $240 would pay for your $95 dues plus fewer than 6 regular events. In other words, if you don’t see yourself coming to more than 6 morning or evening educational programs, you may want to stay on annual dues. If you do plan on attending 6 or more events, you are saving a good amount of money by switching.

Let’s dig in a little deeper to prorating your existing dues…

If your membership currently expires in September, you’ll get a credit for $23.75 (the 3 months remaining on your 2017-2018 $95 dues payment). This will automatically apply to your $20 payment for July, then in August you will have $3.75 in your account. This will apply to your August payment, and you’ll be charged the remaining $16.25, then $20/mo from September on.

If your membership currently expires next April, you’ll get a credit for $80 (the 10 months remaining on your 2017-2018 $95 dues payment). This will automatically apply to your $20 payments for July, August, September and October. Starting in November, you’ll be charged $20/month.

Questions? Email Gretchen Duhaime at ceo@wboa.org

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