Happy 2020 to all of us!

May the new year bring health, happiness and prosperity to you and those you love.

I recently saw a tee shirt that read “Dorothy had the shoes, but she didn’t have the vision”.

The first decades of the new millennium have seen accelerated change, mostly focusing on technology. While these changes have delivered efficiencies, they come with the expanding capability of seeing into the lives of those half a world away. This view of humanity can so strongly pull on our heartstrings that the smallness of our existence seems overwhelmed by the enormity of the work needed to be done.

Our access to goods and services has expanded well beyond the reach of our local sources giving us choices that would have seemed unimaginable just 10 years ago. This expanding choice base has left small businesses scrambling to remain relevant and in desperate need of updated information to survive.

Funny thing is…the comradery we forge building our business success often supports so much more.

Our frame of reference has changed from around the corner to around the world.

Dorothy lived in a simpler time when none of the tools we have today, nor the distractions they bring, even existed. And even so, in her simple, uncomplicated world, she still looked outside of herself to attain her heart’s desire, never seeing that she had the shoes, the power, all along.

2020 means to me 20/20 as in the vision test. I see clearly the ways in which technology has shifted our perspective to outside of ourselves. It can streamline our lives but also deliver information too voluminous and emotionally jarring to absorb. My balance is to first call upon the richness of our collective experience to identify the best direction. Learning and enrichment will do the rest.

The WBOA represents a 35+ yr. collaboration of women, all wearing ruby slippers! It holds a collection of experiences, education, opportunities and lifetimes of common sense that remain the foundation of our members’ success. Together we turn the world and help one another forge our paths in the world of business. We can Google what we don’t know and take a class to keep current, but first let’s consider the power of the ruby slippers we are wearing.

Please join us in 2020 and be sure to wear your ruby slippers!

Best Wishes,

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