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  • Julia Mines

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  • West Whately, Massachusetts 01039
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  • Coaching changes lives and businesses because it changes mindsets. There isn\'t one great leader who goes it alone. The more successful we are, in fact, the more we need the input of a coach to help us see ways to work smarter, with greater efficiency, and to get unstuck and to keep from being stuck.

    Vision and strategy. That\'s how I help my clients change and grow.

    A by-product of our work together? You\'ll  plump up your courage--and take meaningful, calculated risks worth taking. You\'ll feel enlivened, excited, and hopeful in your life and work.

    It\'s fast work--efficient while still being heartfelt. Even humorous.

    My clients are leaders of organizations, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

    And, quite possibly, you.

    Is this a fit? Reach out. Let\'s find out.

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