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  • Kathleen Farris

  • Sacred Whispers
  • Westfield, MA 01085
  • (413) 519-1730
  • Kathleen Farris is available for Psychic or Mediumship Readings. A psychic reading involves looking at what is happening in your life: past, present and future. Tools like tarot cards, runes and pendulums are often used during a psychic reading. Mediumship involves the medium connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world and relaying their evidence, memories and messages to you. Kathleen has studied different modalities of healing and spirit communication, with some of the world’s top psychic mediums, and has mastered her own unique style that combines kindness, compassion, accuracy and humor. Kathleen’s psychic reading sessions help to clarify life paths and offer guidance and validation. Kathleen’s mediumship readings connect you with your loved ones in the spirit world to remember some of your best memories, laugh with your family and friends and walk away with a sense of peace, love and grace.
    Private readings are available in person and virtually. Home parties and group readings are also available.

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