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  • Jassy Casella Timberlake, M.Ed., LMFT, CST

  • Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, LLC
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  • I am Director and Founder of Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, LLC. (NSTA), and in addition to being licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am also an AASECT Board-certified Sex Therapist and a Board-certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy.  NSTA was founded in 2011 and has grown from myself and one clinical associate to ten clinical associates, an intake coordinator and an office manager.   I founded NSTA to support people seeking sex therapy in the Pioneer Valley, fueled by a passion for social justice and and a desire to spread body love — and self-acceptance — and with a desire to educate people about sex and their bodies.

    NSTA is the only group private practice in New England dedicated exclusively to providing sex therapy, relationship therapy, and sexuality counseling to individuals, couples, and people in poly/non-monogamous relationships. Our clinical approach is grounded in research and evidence - we offer approaches and solutions that actually work, based on research and clinical experience.  Treatment at NSTA is facilitated by a handpicked team, who were chosen because of their dedication, their vision, their clinical brilliance, and their ability to see sex through a more complex lens than just a series of behaviors and techniques. All therapists at NSTA understand that sex is far from just being something that we do, but is more about the rich and complicated meanings that we make out of the things that arouse and excite us.

    There is often confusion about sex therapy.  At NSTA, all therapists are skilled and highly trained couples therapists and sex therapists. We can assist clients in sorting out conflicts in relationships arising from differences in sexual values, attitudes, and/or behaviors. Using an integrated approach that includes evidence-based modalities such as behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, and systemic therapy, we aid people in relationships in resolving their sexual problems.

    We are also able to provide insights to clients who already have satisfactory sexual lives, but seek to enhance their relationships in more creative ways. In addition, we provide help and support in showing our clients how to communicate about sexual needs and wants in clear and easily understood ways. Therapy is provided as needed, whether brief—as in one session—or more lengthy therapy interventions, depending on the presenting complaints and the skills and resources of each relationship.

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