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  • Jupiter's S.L.U.T.

  • Undiminished Me
  • 351 Pleasant St Ste B #440 Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
  • (413) 539-8068
  • We curate conversations of change for women. As women come into a fuller actualization of their equality,, facilitates skill sharing around negotiation, boundaries and intuitive trust. Our collective dialogue on womanhood reflects our inner discourses around our personal worth and place in society. As women we have a unique history of social challenges. Solving those social problems in the lives of women is how we define success. We are a copyleft company dedicated to writing opensource code for social change. The company was founded by former math teacher, Jupiter's S.L.U.T. She studied economics and ethics before branching into creative feminist work reclaiming the pejorative to forge a positive narrative. For her, S.L.U.T. = Shameless.Luminous.Untamed.Truth.

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