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  • Stacy Deprey

  • Young Living Essential Oils Leader & Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • Granby, Massachusetts 01033
  • (413) 297-5159
  • Walk my journey a minute with me:

    In 2015, I was a therapist working mom living not a day unlike yours-rushed, scattered, not allowing myself to be mindful of self care because that would just add more time that I just didn’t have.

    Until I had no choice. The ruptured brain aneurysm and a paralyzing stroke 6 months later gave me pause. Recovery was a blessing both times.

    Focusing on environmental toxins, natural sources of nutrition and pure essential oils integrated into my wellness plan.

    Eyes were opened to cause-effect for illnesses and diseases. Prevention became my mission.

    This is my redefined purpose: to share my story and education for families who are “too busy”.

    Presentations, workshops, classes and individual consulting.

  • Health & Fitness
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