WBOA’s Leadership

Enthusiastically Volunteer-Led

WBOA’s Board serves two-year terms, with half elected each year.

WBOA’s Committee Directors are appointed by the Board, and are part of the Leadership Team.

Lastname Company Name Leadership Position
Jennifer Roberge Zesta Style Director of Education
Laraine Percoski Raine Fine Art Art Curator
Anita Eliason MSBDC Chief Programs Officer
Liz Provo Mass Marketing Resources Chief Strategy Officer
Freda Brown Divorce Financial Services Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Director of Retreats

 As Spotlight Chair, I connected with members in a more significant way. I learned about a member’s business and talked with her directly, so I got to know her better. I also got to expose my own business by getting up and introducing guests. The more I know these women, the more truly impressed I am. I am grateful for this experience.

– Tami Nelson, D.C., Spotlight Chair 2016-2017

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